What are Modern Bathroom Paint Colors?

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Modern Bathroom Paint Colors

Choosing the right color pallet for modern master bathroom design does not have to be a difficult task.

For balanced bathrooms choose classical modern colors to quickly transform the space for a new look today.  Modern color schemes tend to shy away from primary-based colors and instead pull from toned down secondary and tertiary colors.  A modern color choice will take on a simple aesthetic for a layout and design that is both streamlined and well-balanced.

Creating a Modern Ambiance

When choosing between modern paint colors, the selection process should include no more than three colors with the wall color serving as the background that pulls the entire room together.  The homeowner should stick with a color scheme that builds off of the existing cabinetry and accessories included in the room.  The right choice in modern paint color will create an ambiance within the room.  Modern design will give way to a soothing experience that while simple, is still far from the ordinary.  A good paint color can even serve as a focal point for the room, drawing in all of the elements of the room for a unified, cohesive design.  For additional assistance regarding modern bathroom design, contact a residential painter in Summit NJ for additional details.   A top painter in Summit will work with you to choose the colors of your dreams and will create the bathroom you wanted.  The following are a few of the most popular modern paint color choices.

Cool GraysModern Bathroom Paint Colors white

Cool grays serve as neutrals when applied to modern bathroom walls.  Lighter variations of gray to include pewter and charcoals look amazing when paired with other complementary design elements such as woods, stainless steel and even glass tiling.  Gray is a color that tends to open up the space for a spa-like feeling.  This color is particularly useful when attempting to create a calming bathroom environment.  Grays that have blue undertones also appeal to a modern style for color enthusiasts.  Gray paint can complement modern interiors by warming the space for a look that is welcoming and simple but that is also very chic.

Basic White

White is a gorgeous color that is a staple for many modern interior design projects.  White is a crisp, clean color that can be easily incorporated in a modern bathroom.  White serves as an excellent wall color that does not compete against the other design elements of the room.  An all-white bathroom eludes to spaciousness and is a great way to make smaller bathroom spaces appear much larger than what they actually are.  Modern interiors feature sleek, simple lines and white paint is an excellent way to achieve these goals.  Off-whites, eggshells and other variants of white with either blue or yellow undertones are also acceptable paint color options for modern bathrooms.

Warm Beiges

Warm beiges are non-obtrusive colors that possess welcoming undertones.  Taupe, tan, cream, sandy browns and other neutral beige alternatives are exceptional color choices for modern bathrooms because of their versatility.  These highly flexible colors provide a certain level of richness to modern bathroom interiors.  Beiges provide an element of structure to modern bathrooms as they encourage a warm, inviting aesthetic.  Beige walls also help to showcase the homeowner’s personal style in the same way that white paint does in that it does not interfere with other design elements of the room.  Beige provides a whisper of color that softens the straight lines of modern furniture and accessories, including artwork, pillows and draperies.

Any of the aforementioned paint colors are perfect starting points for homeowners who see a modern bathroom style on the horizon.  While many modern paint colors are considered “safe” these colors are also known to provide an arresting visual for the savvy homeowner whose goal is to design a modern bathroom that wows.  Modern design is about striking an effortless balance between simplicity and creativity.  Bathrooms painted in modern colors are stylish, trendy and never outdated.  Top colors such as warm grays, whites and beiges are all excellent choices for modern bathroom design in 2016.  Any homeowner can design a winning bathroom by simply painting their walls in any of these color options.  Conceptualize a modern bathroom design today by consulting with a residential painter in Essex County.  A professional painter has the experience necessary to provide exciting insight into a modern bathroom re-design project.