What are Modern Kitchen Paint Colors?

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Modern Kitchen Paint Colors

Kitchens are spaces that accommodate family gatherings, tasty meals and other multi-functional activities.  For homeowners who are thinking of a new home improvement project, take a chance with a new modern hue for an updated kitchen design.  Modern design places a high emphasis on clean, sleek lines with simplified color palettes.  While a focus is placed on simplicity and harmony, a modern kitchen does not have to be limited.  In fact, the only limit that exists for a modern kitchen is the imagination.  Read on for ways in which homeowners can incorporate a new kitchen color for a modern approach.  For homeowners who want to paint their kitchen in a different color, try any of the following modern paint colors for an instant facelift.  Applying these colors will quickly reveal why modern paint colors are some of the best-kept secrets for today’s homeowner.

Classic White

Classic white is a top choice for modern interior design due to the level of balance that it brings into the space.  White paint successfully represents the simplicity associated with modern living.  White paint transforms kitchens into streamlined spaces that allow for the an open and airy feeling.  A kitchen painted in a cool white balances well with kitchen cabinets, tile backsplashes and flooring.  White walls also make the room feel much larger, which is especially helpful for smaller kitchen spaces.  As a modern design staple, white paint provides equilibrium, relaxation and a hint of sophistication.  Modern kitchens that have been painted white are seen as crisp and clean and they help to provide uniformity.  White paint naturally reflects light and can open up the space for a brighter appearance.

Light Green

Light greens to include sages, minty and pale green colors are relaxing hues.  Green stimulates the senses and is often associated with nature.  As such, green promotes a sense of calm which goes hand-in-hand with modern kitchen design.  Green provides for a peaceful kitchen environment for a pleasant, minimalist feel.  What’s more is that green paint is not limited to just the walls of modern kitchens.  Green cabinetry against a backdrop of white walls is an excellent way to incorporate a dose of color into the room.  A house painter in NJ can be a great resource for choosing the best tone of green for a modern kitchen design.

Peach Tones

A pale peach is an excellent way to incorporate simple color into a modern kitchen.  Although peach has traditionally been associated with 1950’s style, this neutral and simple color looks great when paired with modern furniture that has sleek straight lines and edges.  Peach tones are also excellent ways to give a kitchen depth, which is especially important for smaller kitchens.  Pale peach tones are a great color for the modern, versatile kitchen.  This color is not only elegant but it is also very sleek.

Other NeutralsModern Kitchen Paint Colors beige

The benefit of neutral paint colors resides in their flexibility.  Neutrals allow a homeowner to instantly start their modern kitchen makeover.  These colors also help to keep other brighter colors in check.  A shortlist of neutrals includes warm gray, taupe, and cream.  Neutrals, by their very nature, provide a sense of tranquility.  These colors help to streamline a space and they are excellent choices that create a flow within the kitchen.  Modern neutral kitchens make entertaining a breeze.  The right neutral color can create peace, harmony and serenity within the kitchen, which are all goals of modern kitchen design.

Kitchens are treasured spaces where families gather for cooking, dining, and spending quality time together.  Give a kitchen new life by painting its walls a modern paint color.  Modern paint colors will not obscure the rest of the kitchen’s design and will only enhance the look and feel of the space.  Modern kitchens feature muted color pallets that are appealing yet simple at the same time.  Modern interior design organically infuses simplicity with creativity.  Choose a new paint color today that instantly transforms a kitchen for modern appeal.  While trends change all the time, what’s most important is choosing the best modern color that speaks to the homeowner’s sense of style and preference.  For expert advice on choosing modern paint colors and modern design in general, contact a house painter in NJ who can provide insight into the myriad paint options that are available for residential interior design projects.