Choosing The Right Paint


No matter what type of house painting project is undertaken it will be important to choose the right paint. This is necessary to ensure that the best possible results are achieved. There are basically two types of paints available, those which are best for interior painting projects and those that are preferable for exterior painting projects. Consulting a New Jersey contractor who specializes in painting services can be invaluable when trying to choose paints for various house painting projects.

For exterior painting homes in New Jersey will require certain types of paints due to the various weather conditions that are endured. There are two types of paint from which to choose, alkyd or latex. Alkyd paints are great in the area of adhesion but tend to crack and become brittle over time. It can also get chalky. If the house was previously painted using alkyd paint it will need to be used to repaint as well. And alkyd paint is never to be applies to galvanized iron or fresh masonry.

A latex paint for exterior painting projects will retain elasticity for a longer time than alkyd paints. Latex paints are easy to clean and are durable. It is also better at resisting mildew. And it is a better “green” choice than alkyd paints.

Interior paints come in several different finishes. There are a few factors that can help make this decision. Some areas will require a washable surface, while others may need to be water resistant. Choosing the right finish will determine the level of protection to a given area.

Flat paint finish is the most preferred choice and yields the most professional look. Since it doesn’t reflect light, it will help to cover small imperfections. However, it is not an easily cleaned surface. An eggshell finish has a little more gloss but is also not easy to clean. Satin is a popular finish as it is attractive and easy to clean. This finish is good for high traffic areas like the bathroom or kitchen.

Semi-gloss paint finish works well for cabinets, door, or trim but is not usually used on walls. And gloss finishes are usually not used for walls, but rather for furniture and some trim.

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