Colors for Small Spaces


Some people might be under the impression that an all-white room will make a room look larger. But, this is not true. In fact, for the apartment renters out there that paint all the walls, trims, windowsills and doors white that think they are making the room look larger, they need a small dose of education to correct this huge mistake! Instead of making everything in a room white and adding less furniture, you want to add color and add more furniture but in a strategic way. Adding in furnishings with color can create a warm and inviting space that looks much larger than it really is. Here are some ideas to add colors to smaller spaces, as well as a few tips to help you along the way when it comes to hiring a top house painter in Millburn.

Choosing Sharp Colors

If you want a really easy way to make a smaller room look bigger than it really is, try using sharp and very clear colors. Sharp colors as in bright chintzes, mixed with colorful plaids, yellows, oranges, greens or reds – with plenty of space between the different pieces in the room. When you choose color combinations with a lot of space in between the colors, it tends to open up the space a lot more and create a sort of openness about the room.

Color Accents

Another cool way to open up a room is by adding color to accents in the room. For example, instead of keeping a radiator a dark color or its natural silvery color, try painting it fire engine red, instead of keeping built in bookshelves white, try painting them orange. Other options are to paint one wall with a sharp color – this creates an accent wall. Make sure you paint the ceiling too because this gives our eyes the illusion that the room is bigger than it really is!

Receded Walls

In the same idea above, paint one wall a darker color and the others a lighter color. This makes the space look larger.

Other Surfaces of Color

In the same way you can create an accent wall, you can also add color to a room by adding things like throw pillows, bright couch blankets for the back of the couch. Add color with bold lamp shades, painted side tables, wooden mirrors that you can paint and much more. This is also a really good option for people that do rent an apartment and cannot paint the walls – just because you can’t paint, doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with a small looking room.

Bold Bathrooms

Most people that live in medium to small homes have bathrooms that are pretty small – this includes powder rooms. Instead of going for something neutral like peach, tan or pink, consider adding a bold rich color like a deep red or a chocolate brown for a major affect!

Black Is Bold

Even if you plan on adding colors or color accents to your room to make it look bigger, you still shouldn’t forget black. Black is a great way to help ground the other colors. Even by adding one black thing in your room such as a black candle holder, black lampshade or a black frame you can create this look.

Experiment with Colors

If you want to paint your walls or add accents but you aren’t entirely sure about what colors to choose, you do have two options. Both options allow you to see what the colors would look like in the room beforehand – before any paint is added to walls or new products are bought. One option is to buy paint chips. These allow you to see what the actual color looks like on your walls and other surfaces. The second option is one I really love. There are websites online that are free that allow you to pick the shape of your room, size, walls, doors, etc. You can then choose colors/materials for the flooring (wood, carpet, tile, etc.). Then you can pick out furniture very similar to what you have or what you want in the shapes, colors, sizes you want. After you’re finished you can see it from a side view, bird’s eye view, and floor view. It’s a really cool way to design your room without actually touching anything in the room beforehand. Make a mistake? No problem, just delete whatever you made a mistake on. When you’re finished picking out colors, go to your local paint store and pick out paints that match it. You can also call in a top house painter and see if they can offer up any tips!

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