Designing A Modern Living Room


Sophisticated and simple may be the two words that most accurately describe the elements of modern design. The living room is basically the focal point of the house. It is where occupants spend a large majority of their time and where guests are typically entertained. The interior design in this area of the house will be basically simple, but aesthetically appealing.

When considering the interior painting in the modern living room, you will need to choose a neutral color. It will need to be light and soft. The most basic colors used in modern design are beige, white or cream. The interior design concentrates on minimalism and then giving it certain splashes of color for the visual effect. The walls need to appear as a sort of palette so that the other colors introduced into the area will sort of pop.

Flooring will also need to be rather neutral and blend in rather than standing out to make any kind of style statement. Using neutral schemes for the floors and walls will tend to keep the focus off of these areas and on other pieces. It will allow the focus to be on artwork, pictures or furnishings. If you use rugs or carpet in the area, then do not use a highly textured floor covering and stay away from bright colors.

When you are choosing your furnishings for the modern living room you will choose pieces that have a lot of straight lines and symmetrical. The color of the furnishings will depend on what type of visual effect you are going for. If you want the furnishings to be the focus they should be brighter colors. But as a general rule, you will want to choose pieces that are darker in color so that they will be in contrast to the light walls. Adding various throw pillows can add some asymmetry and make the look more interesting. They can also be used to add splashes of color. Make sure that you choose lighter colors for your furniture if you are planning on various pieces of artwork or other pieces to be the central focal point.

Interior lighting is usually based on floor lamps or recessed ceiling lights. You want the lighting to be adequate enough for necessary activities, but reduced enough to not overwhelm the area or take away from the artwork or furnishings. Subtle lighting is the best choice for the latest in New Jersey modern design.

To make sure that the area does not have an empty look you can use various types of decorative candles, vases and even books to fill it out. Even though the modernly designed living room should be rather minimalistic, it should not be made to appear bare and unused.

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