Exterior House Painting Ideas


There are a lot of options when a homeowner is considering exterior painting in New Jersey. Exterior paints come in a wide variety of choices and their different physical properties make certain paints better options for different outside jobs and projects. Outside painting projects is more than just a house painting experience.

Oil based paints are good to use when a house has chalky surfaces or metals that tend to rust. These types of paints go on smoothly and dry really slow. This is a better option than water based paints when painting surfaces with stains or bleeding woods. The only warnings on this type of paint are that it may bubble if exposed to very extremely hot temperatures. It may also emit unhealthy fumes, but with painting outdoors ventilation is usually adequate.

Water based paints are the most used exterior paints. They allow wood to expand and contract during weather and temperature changes. These paints also retain their color for a longer period of time and are available in glossy choices.

Acrylic paint is only one kind of water based paint. The advantage that is has is that it is resistant to mildew. This type of paint is an excellent choice for those houses that have any kind of problems with mold or mildew.

Many times there are other outside fixtures that need painting. For instance, gutters will eventually need to be repainted, especially after years of exposure to sunlight and adverse weather conditions. For repainting gutters, either an oil or water based paints will work well on metal gutters.

A good cement based paint is the best choice for painting concrete or cement pool surfaces. There is also a variety of special roof paints to help protect roofs from the growth of algae and mildew. An acrylic latex blended paint will work well to protect roofs.

In the New Jersey area there are very qualified contractors who provide exterior house painting services. A consultation with a qualified painting service will help a homeowner be aware of all available options. The information attained from the consultation can help homeowners make a qualified choice about exterior painting options.

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