Gender Neutral Nursery Design Trends


When most people have kids, they either choose to know the sex of the baby – or they don’t.  Some parents like the surprise of waiting for the baby to come out and then know the actual sex, pick the names, clothes, etc.  That’s all fine and well, but one thing you cannot wait for, is the nursery for the baby.  This is going to need to be ready as soon as possible so your baby can sleep comfortably, get their diapers changed, be fed, sung to, and more.  So when it comes to nursery designs, many parents aren’t just looking at pink for girls and blue for boys, many parents are trying to find gender neutral colors and designs because they won’t know the sex, until the baby arrives!  If you are a parent who is expecting a baby soon, but you don’t know the sex, and you want to paint and design the room before baby comes, please continue to read below!

Paint Colors

Its assumed that pink is for girls and blue is for boys, so what happens if you don’t know the sex of your baby just yet?  When this happens, people tend to turn more towards gender neutral colors that are neither pink nor blue.  Some colors to consider are; yellow, green, orange, white and brown.  Some people might not like the white walls, because it looks stark.  But, once you start adding in accessories and decorations, the room will liven up and look fantastic.  Using these five colors, we will create some design ideas.

Yellow Paint

Yellow and green tend to be the most gender neutral colors.  Yellow is bright, it makes you happy, and it’s easy to pair things with.  Now just because we’re talking about yellow, doesn’t mean it has to be blindingly bright.  It can be as bright or subdued as you like.  Personally, I like a more dumbed down hue, try Lemon Soufflé 350B-4 by Behr.  It almost has an orange-y yellow color to it, but it’s not bright at all.  Matching colors with this yellowy orange paint can be done by adding in creamy whites or ivory colors.  To make it a little more bright and colorful you can also try colors such as; Promenade 400F-5 which is a deep moss green, Pepper Spice 250F-6 which is a lighter brown than chocolate brown or even something like Hallowed Hush 500F-6 which is a sort of greenish blue.  All of these colors go quite well with the yellow paint and they are all from Behr.

Green Paint

If you hire an interior painter in Summit, the last thing you want to do is just paint the whole room green.  Instead, try adding accent colors to make the room seem not so boxed in or closed in.  One of the greens I really like for boys or girls is called Kiwi Squeeze 450A-2, also from Behr.  It’s a very light, almost minty green.  Minty green can go with various colors such as white – which looks really crisp and clean, ivory, grey-blues, light khaki browns and another color I really like which sort of has a khaki feel to it, with an underlying tone of green called Dried Palm 400C-3.

Orange Paint

Orange is a cool idea, but if you want to keep it from looking like a pumpkin patch (too much orange) or a Halloween party (orange and black) why not consider some other colors that go with orange?  Obviously this is going to vary depending on the orange you use.  So for this example, we will use Marsh Marigold P250-3.  Since this has a very peachy orange tone to it, you don’t want any colors even close to it is another orange!  Since this orange is really downplayed and not too bright, it actually looks good on the main walls.  Add in English Custard M290-5 for the accents and Cotton Sheets RD-W15 for the doors and window frames.  Cotton Shades tends to look pinky in the can, but once on the trim and doors, it looks more towards white.

Brown Paint

I am completely skipping white because white is something you can literally do anything with and is easy to style and decorate.  Brown is a great color, but too dark and it will seem like a big brown box.  Because of this you either need to use brown as an accent color for something like trim, an accent wall, or you need to pick a lighter brown, rather than a deeper brown.  Let’s try a deeper brown – Hot Chocolate PPH-62.  This is about as chocolate-y as you can get, but I love this color!  To pair with it, try Cinnamon Cake W-F-220 for the main parts of the walls, it’s a very light gray color.  For the hot chocolate, this looks great around the window trim, door trim, etc.  And for the actual windows and doors try Applesauce Cake 260F-5.  This allows you to use the brown chocolate color, but not make the room feel door or closed in.

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