House Painting In Winter


When the snow is falling all around you and you’re holed up inside because of the cold, it’s easy to start feeling down in the dumps. Believe it or not, this is the perfect time to start a home improvement project. Of course, there are a slew of home improvement tasks that just can’t be done in winter. Answer? House painting! Painting a room or two in those cold, sometimes dreary winter months is the ideal way to not only get out of a winter funk, but to also spruce up your Summit house with a fresh new look. Not only that. Because interior painting in Summit will change the look and feel of a room overnight, it has the power to give you a whole new perspective! Following are some tips on winter interior painting in Summit and how to go about it.

  • The first thing you need to do, of course, is to choose the colors or color combination you want in your room. A good idea, especially if you’re feeling the effects of the winter blahs, is to choose a bright, cheery color that will lighten your mood and bring you back to life. Since interior painting in Summit is just about the least expensive and time consuming home improvement project there is, you really don’t have to worry about having to change it again a couple seasons from now. Sure, you’d rather not have to do it again so soon. However, since one of the most important reasons to paint any room of your house in winter is erasing winter blues, it’s best to choose a color combo that will bring you out of hibernation. Various tints and shades of yellows, golds, and oranges are all a great idea for staving off winter blahs.
  • If you’re not into yellows or oranges, try anything in your personal taste that has a little bit of oomph to it. Bold colors are huge right now, and that means that paint companies are loaded with vivid hues that will brighten your outlook during the next few winter months.
  • When choosing colors for use in winter, it’s important to choose paints that contain the least amount of odor and the lowest possible amount of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Because you won’t be able to leave windows open, at least not for long, you’ll need to cut down on toxic fumes from paints as much as possible.
  • Before you begin painting, crank up the heat a little so the place is warm. Of course, you also must take into consideration the fact that you’ll be working, so don’t make it too warm that you’ll be sweating. Going from a too-warm inside to a too-cold outside when you’re sweating can have a negative affect on your health.
  • Be sure the humidity in the room is low in order to allow the room to dry properly. Run fans and dehumidifiers if necessary.
  • It’s important during cold months to wear protective gear such as masks, since you won’t be able to air out the house as much as in warmer months. You can also opt for purchasing drying agents that can be added to your paint.
  • Be sure to read paint labels before purchasing. Look for minimum drying temperatures in all paint you’re going to use in winter.
  • Another trick for winter paint jobs is to begin late in the morning in order to keep paint from getting too cold or even freezing over. Additionally, try to end your daily painting earlier, for the same reasons.

Winter can be a taxing time, especially if you’re not someone who loves the cold and snow. Being relegated to staying inside your home isn’t everybody’s idea of a fun time. And that’s why spending an afternoon doing a little interior painting is the perfect solution. If you’re looking for an engaging project that has the power to pull you out of those humdrum winter blues, interior painting just might be the answer. And just think of how a freshly painted room or two in your home will make you feel! Of course, if you’re not confident in your own painting skills, you can always contact a painting contractor in Summit who can help.

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