How to Choose Wallpaper


Choosing color combinations for interior painting jobs can be difficult at best. But it does not compare at all to picking out wallpaper. There are plenty of colors to choose from; but in addition there is a plethora of patterns and textures too. Purchasing dated wallpaper will result in dating the house as well, so it’s usually best to go with a classic version. Many types of wallpaper are timeless, such as tone-on-tone combinations like damasks.

The first thing you will need to do before you go to the home improvement store or talk to a New Jersey paper hanging specialist is to decide on the color scheme for the room. Consider all the elements of the room like the furniture, curtains, artwork and carpet. These will all play a role in the development of the overall scheme. For instance, if furniture is patterned you will most likely choose a solid colored wallpaper. In this case you may want to focus on the various textures that are available. Another option would be to use subtle striped wallpaper that would complement the other elements in the room.

After you have a general idea of the atmosphere you want to create take some samples of the paint, fabric and carpet with you to the store that you will be purchasing the paper from. Another option is to hire an interior painting and wall hanging company to do the hard work for you; there are a number of great paper hanging and wallpaper companies in Union County for you to choose from.


After you have chosen your favorite wallpaper samples you can see how they look next to your furniture and other items. It is important to view them in the room where they will be used over a couple of days. This can give you a good idea of how the light and other elements will affect the choices.

Talk to your Somerset County wallpaper dealer about the various patterns that are available. What type of pattern goes well in each space will depend also on other factors like the size of the room. Bold patterns will work well for larger rooms that are buzzing with activities. But it will also work well for areas that are used briefly like a hallway, formal dining room or a guest restroom. Smaller patterns work great for a family room, home office or bedroom.

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