Kitchen painting Vs. Bathroom Painting


When many people begin the process of choosing a top house painter in Morristown, they start to think about cost and how effective that cost is going to be when it comes to their budget.  The two most used rooms in the house, besides the bedrooms, are always going to be the kitchen and the bathroom, especially if it’s a main bathroom like a powder room bathroom or guest bathroom that your guests use.  Honestly, which room is more important depends on you.  For me personally though, the kitchen is always the room in our house that gets used the most.  It’s the place where I oftentimes take my laptop and do stuff for work, I make grocery lists here, and I cook every single day – breakfast, lunch and dinner in the kitchen.  Heck, sometimes I even read in the kitchen (best lighting options for reading!).  If you have a large family, or if you have kids, you probably use your kitchen as much, if not more than I do.  Perhaps then it’s a good idea to choose the kitchen over the bathroom in terms of which room you should do first.  However!  And there always is a however, bathrooms tend to cost less.  The reason?  Less surface space to paint.

If I were to go into my kitchen right now, I can clearly see that the kitchen needs a lot of sections painted.  You have the entire side wall where our coffee and tea centers.  This whole wall would need painted, because it doesn’t have any doors, windows, frames or even appliances in this area.  Working your way around to the side of that wall we have a large walk in pantry – which also would need painted inside and around the built in shelving unit.  Next is the archway, which takes a little less paint, because most of the area is the opening of the entrance you walk through.  Down past the fridge and the areas where we cook as well as clean, you also see a whole lot of surface area.  On top of that, we have an open floor plan from our kitchen to the dining room which also needed paint!  Over all it took us somewhere around 6 gallons of paint, for 2 coats of paint on all the walls.  That’s around $186 for a flat finish.  Doesn’t seem like a lot?

If I were to walk into our powder room, which is significantly smaller than our kitchen, you would notice one big thing.  You tend to save a lot of wall space from things like tile, backsplashes, toilets, sinks and vanities.  So not only is it smaller, but it also has less surface to paint.  So for 2 coats we needed 1-1 1/2 gallons of paint, which was easily only $47.00.  So you don’t want to paint a powder room?  That’s fine too, but I’ll bet you anything that if you go in your kitchen and figure out the foot/inches of the height and width of the walls versus the foot/inches of the width and height of your bathroom, even a master bathroom, is going to be significantly less surface space.

Beyond just figuring out what space you use the most or what space you want to show off more, you also need to consider the cost.  Sites like Lowes actually have a paint calculator.  You will need to measure correctly, but you can add as many walls to the calculations as you want, along with the height and width of all of the walls in your room you want to paint.  You can also subtract space from things like windows, vanities/countertops, sinks, appliances and more.  This would give you an overall idea on how much paint you would need to paint the kitchen or paint the bathroom – in either gallons or quarts, lets you also choose how many coats you want on each wall, etc.  Once you figure out about how much paint you would need, you can then visit your local home improvement store, either online or offline, and figure out the costs approximately for each room!  The internet these days tends to make things very easy for us homeowners, especially when it comes to remodeling or repainting a room or an entire house!  Use it to your advantage!

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