Luxury Home Decorating Ideas


There are many reasons homeowners undertake a home decorating project. Many times we decorate when we purchase a new home and want to give it a personalized touch. Sometimes it is simply because a newer, fresher look is desired. Home decorating can also be an important step when preparing a house to be placed on the market. Whatever the reason, there is a plethora of design techniques to be used when decorating the interior of a house. Interior painting for your NJ home is one of the most economical ways to decorate and give a room a facelift. It is a very worthwhile investment; and it is one of the most versatile of all decorating options.

Painting Fixtures

Besides the walls, there are many other types of painting projects that can have a decorative effect. Look around the room to be decorated and observe what types and how many fixtures the room contains. All of these can be painted with contrasting colors for a spectacular effect. Outlets, switches, vents and other fixtures can be painted with a neutral contrasting color like white. If the décor of the room uses darker colors then fixtures can be painted with a black or dark gray. This works well with furnishings that are darker hues. Painting the fixtures in these darker colors can also work with the rest of the décor to highlight central pieces like furniture.

Wall Hangings

Wall hangings can be set off with strips of solid colors. The bulk areas of the wall should be pallid. Then you can use brighter shades of color to accent the wall hanging. When paint is used for interior decorating small splashes of bright colors can be used to place borders around the important stylistic elements in the room.

Wall Art

Wall art can make a style statement whereas barren walls leave a room feeling uninviting or empty. Wall art can be painted directly on a large unused wall or surface. Brighter colors can be used to create very interesting murals. Stencils are also a very popular decorative tool in today’s interior design. These can be used with an interior painting project to make the room have more personality and color. Stencils are also a great way for a novice to get started creating wall art. Those who are experienced at painting and artistic design may choose to simply free hand an artistic design.

Floor Painting

One of the latest and most exciting home decorating ideas is to paint the floor. This type of interior painting project is a lot less expensive than staining and finishing flooring. It is a much easier task and relatively easy for do-it-yourselfers. It is a very versatile surface and can complement the room’s décor. It can be painted a solid color which will work to blend the colors of the room together. Many prefer to paint the surface so that it looks like an area rug. These colors can be coordinated with the room and can cover up areas of a wood floor that are dented or scratched. For a charming, cottage look try a nice white. The colors and options are as varying as the decorator’s preference and style.

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