Making Your House Look Younger


Just because a home is older does not mean it must look it. There are plenty of ways that can help any house appear younger; and it doesn’t matter how old the house actually is. Your home is an extension of your personality and character; it should not look uncared for or untended. It can be very expensive for homeowners to get involved in a massive home renovation project, as well as time consuming. But there are some less expensive ways to make your house look much younger.

NJ residential house painting can be broken up into smaller jobs; you do not have to do it all at the same time. Plan to complete exterior painting projects first. Remember to include doors and trim in your exterior painting project. Dilapidated windows or doors can be real eye sores and take away from the overall appearance of a home. Sometimes all that is needed is a fresh coat of paint. Painting the exterior portions of a home is one of the fastest ways to spruce up any home.

Then consider doing some interior painting in one room at a time. It is not as overwhelming as trying to repaint the entire house all at one time; and it’s easier to manage financially. Start in the room that needs it the most and over time work your way throughout the entire house. Remember to paint all the extras in each of the rooms at the same time. This means that you will need to paint doors, trim and ceilings in each room as you work your way through. Each section will need a fresh coat of paint if the room is to look and feel younger. Leaving any of these undone will take away from the appearance of the area.

Complete various repairs that can make the house look dilapidated or old. Repair or replace broken window panes, siding, trim or doors. If exterior lights are not functioning properly or fixtures are broken, repair them or replace them with newer ones that work properly. Make sure that any exterior lighting fixtures are not in disrepair. Broken fixtures can take away from a home’s appearance. Working exterior lights can help a home seem more inviting and alive. Check the porch or deck to make sure that it is not in disrepair. A broken hand rail or edge can add many years to the appearance of the home. Simply keeping all the outside fixtures properly repaired can add to its curb appeal as well as actually increase the home’s monetary value.

Take the time to clean up the outside of your home and if it is feasible, have the yards landscaped. Adding plenty of greenery can make the exterior portions of the home look vibrant and young. Also remember to keep the outside areas of the house free from debris and clutter. Clean out areas such as gutters or drain pipes. Also repair any spigots or other water sources to keep them from leaking.

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