Paint Colors for Every Room


Some homeowners believe that the entire interior of a home has to match. This is quite far from the truth. Each room should have its own voice and personality. Creating flow throughout a home can be done when the right colors are chosen.  Interior painting in Somerset tends to follow traditional or colonial color trends. That being said, homeowners like white kitchens, neutral tones in living spaces and white bathrooms the most.  Trends are changing quickly, including in this area of the country.


The kitchen is one of the rooms in a home where color choice is important. Depending on the overall theme that you are trying to create, the top colors do change a bit. A prime example is a country style kitchen. In this type of design, the most popular colors are white, dark red and yellow. If you are going for a modern approach, grayscale palettes with splashes of bright green, orange, yellow and red are popular. Blue is a color that should rarely be used in a kitchen. Ideally, colors that match with natural food colors are ideal.

Dining Room

The dining room is meant to be an intimate space; therefore a more sophisticated color is likely to be chosen. Deep purples, maroon and browns are the top colors. When proper lighting and wall accents are used, this space does not seem closed off or too dark.

Other top colors for a brighter dining room include:

  • Spring green
  • Tangerine
  • Creamy yellow
  • Chartreuse
  • Light gray

This creates a modern look with enough diversity to define the space with minimal accessories and embellishments.


So many homeowners are used to painting their bathrooms stark white. White on white on white creates a sterile or hospital-like look. This leaves guests feeling like the space is quite bland and lacking of flair. The most popular color for bathrooms is light gray. Blue hues are generally mixed in. The most common choices are light blues, turquoise and sea green.

Other popular colors for the bathroom include light green, pastels, orange and black/white patterns. Some glittery tiles are generally seen in the bathroom to help the space appear to be larger and brighter. With bathrooms generally being smaller spaces, it is best to use a lighter color scheme to create the right illusion.


The office is where a bit of creative freedom with richer tones is seen. Dark browns and reds are the top color options for this space. This is to make it a calming and relaxing area. Green is also a top color for office spaces, but this is usually in a muted lime green, chartreuse or other light green shade. Accents of gray, yellow and tan are seen when green is the base color.

Office spaces are also the most common rooms to see a wallpaper accent wall created. This adds just enough diversity to break up the monotony to make the space more productive. Boring office spaces trump productivity as a rule.

Living Room

The living room is pretty much fair game as far as personal preference is concerned. This does not mean, however, that there are not top colors. Trends change quite frequently for living room designs. It is important to choose a wall color that will match several seasons, several furniture changes and accessory changes. The three colors to leave out of the living room are gray, tan/beige and black. White is a good option to use as a trim color. What is common in a living room is to see a bold color, such as red or yellow. Even a burnt orange is popular in living rooms. Chartreuse seems to be a color that is a top color for any room of the home, including the living room. It is best to stay away from pastels in this space as living rooms are designed to make a statement.

When you are picking colors to paint each room of your home, ensure that you are not going to decide to sell shortly after. Potential homeowners will likely repaint but it could cause the home to not show well. Select colors that work with your personal preferences but also those that work with the space. What this means is that smaller rooms should be painted with colors that make them appear larger. Bathrooms should be kept light and bright while living rooms should be bold and beautiful. Kitchen painting options should also be bold.

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