Painting Ceramic Tile


Ceramic tile is a favorite these days for just about any room of the house. It’s strong and versatile; it’s beautiful; and it comes in so many different styles and colors. However, that ceramic tile floor in your house … you know, the one that looks like it’s straight out of a 1970s made-for-TV-movie … not so attractive anymore, is it? Unfortunately, installing a whole new floor may be too costly right now. And the mess? Forget it! But there’s no need to fret. In spite of what many people think, that ugly ceramic tile can be painted … and then you’ve got a whole new floor! What a great idea! What’s that? You don’t agree? You’re probably thinking you won’t be able to do it. You’re probably thinking painting ceramic tile is too tricky or even too time-consuming. The fact is, though, that painting ceramic tile is a fairly easy interior painting project that can be a cost effective way to get a whole new look in any room of your house.

Before you begin painting your ceramic tile floor or backsplash, it’s important to note that whatever paint you choose will probably cause some serious fumes in the house. For this reason, try doing this interior painting project on a cool, breezy day when you and your family will welcome having the windows open wide. Better yet, if you can, block off that part of the house or even find other accommodations until the project is finished. This will ensure that harmful fumes won’t be inhaled. And don’t overlook the fact that your pets can be affected by the fumes, too. Unfortunately, one of the biggest dangers to pets in and around the home is fumes from paints and other household chemicals. Such chemical fumes can be extremely dangerous to pets.

1) Naturally, the first step is to choose the paint. Oil-based paints adhere well to ceramic tile, and they are easy to clean. Additionally, they’re weather-resistant and long-lasting. High- and semi-gloss paints are also a good choice because they resist wear (with high-gloss being a little better at resisting impact than semi-gloss) and are easy to clean and maintain. However, if you’ve decided on semi- or high-gloss paints, you might have to add a little paint thinner to create a better consistency for working. Epoxy paint is another choice that adheres well to ceramic tile and is resistant to the elements. In addition, epoxy paint is easy to clean and maintain.

2) Before you start any painting, you need to clean all ceramic tiles you’re painting. A cleaner that works well in this case is a mixture of half water and half household ammonia.

3) When the tiles are completely dry, sand them a little with a 200-grit sandpaper in order to make the surface rough so that it will better receive primer and paint.

4) Use painter’s tape around the tiles on any surfaces that you don’t want paint to drip onto.

5) Before you start painting with your tile’s actual paint, you should apply a coat of primer for better coverage of your paint. Apply one coat of an alcohol-based primer for areas that get a lot of moisture, such as bathrooms or kitchens and allow to dry (24 hours or as per can instructions).

6) When the primer is dry, apply one coat of the paint you’ve chosen. If you’re adding contrast by painting the grout, be sure to use an artist’s paintbrush to ensure better precision when painting grout. Allow all paint and grout to dry at least one day, but two or three days is optimal before applying sealant. (Apply a second coat of paint if necessary before sealing.)

7) Next, it’s time to seal your new ceramic tile floor. This is probably the most important step because, without sealant, your floor will be a mess in no time. Ideally, wait at least three days to seal with a water-based (not oil-based) urethane. This will provide a hard surface to your new floor that will keep it resistant from damage. For best results, wait a few days and apply a second coat.

Painting a ceramic tile floor can be done in just a couple weekends, and you’ve practically got a brand new room. The most important items to remember when painting ceramic tile are to choose the right paints for ceramic tile and to finish the job with a good sealant. However, if you’re thinking painting your ceramic tile floor is good for your budget, but you don’t feel that your painting skills are up to the task, contact a house painter in Northern New Jersey for assistance to ensure a quality paint job.

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