Painting Your Home Theater


There are many different elements that make up the interior design of a home theater. Homeowners must consider the lighting, sound, and arrangement of furnishings as well as the various pieces of equipment that will bring them hours of entertainment value. Most do not think about the paint that needs to be used in this area of the home; but choosing the right paint for this interior painting project is essential to making the room a successful family get away. The color and type of paint can have a huge effect on how the content is viewed in this room.

Paint Colors for the Home Theater

When considering most house painting projects throughout the house, the color is simply a matter of preference in most instances. But choosing a favorite color for the home theater can be a disaster. Using the wrong shades of yellow, green or blue can have a negative effect on the viewing of movies as it can distort the colors. It is important to stay with some of the neutral colors when painting a home theater. It is very important to choose darker shades of the neutral colors in order to make the viewing as pleasant as possible. Dark shades of brown or gray work great and can offer the best viewing experience; lighter shades will be more likely to reflect light and be distracting while trying to watch a movie. If the room is not being used for anything but watching movies, black is best; but if it is doubling as a game room black can make it feel too much like a cave and it should be avoided. Think about recreating the movie theater atmosphere when deciding on paint colors. AS a general rule, the darker the color, the more similar the room will be to a real movie theater experience. Don’t forget to use primer on the walls in preparation for the house painting project. Use a primer that is tinted darker in order to get the best cover for your paint.

What type of paint should be used?

Paints that are used for house painting in NJ have different finishes; it is important to choose the right finish for viewing movies in the home theater. If a homeowner chooses a glossy or satin finish, then the walls will become very reflective and it can interfere with movie watching.  The more sheen that paint has, the more light that will be reflected. It is best to use a low luster paint. You will most likely want to avoid gloss, semi-gloss or satin sheens in order to ensure that the family has the best viewing experiences. Choose paints that have less sheen such as an eggshell finish or a flat finish. Using an eggshell paint will offer almost no sheen at all and it will be very easy to clean without having to feel like you have to repaint the entire wall. An eggshell finish will also work well for hiding any blemishes that are in the wall.

Painting the Ceiling

One question most homeowners ask frequently is if they should paint the ceiling in their home theaters. In most of the other rooms of the house the ceiling is painted white with no regard to interior design or wall colors. But in the media room white or any of the other paler colors on the ceiling will reflect light and cause it to disrupt the view of the viewing screen. Rather than white, the ceiling can be painted the same shade that is used on the walls. This will reduce or eliminate any glare and help keep the screen clear and its colors true.

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