Painting Your Kitchen Yellow


Yellow is a warm and beautiful color for a kitchen, one that evokes warmth, sunshine, and serenity. Yellow is a universally happy and positive color, connoting happiness and sunny summer days.

There are a few routes to go when painting a kitchen yellow, in terms of choosing a shade of yellow. Pale, medium, and bright yellow are all beautiful interior design choices, but will result in very different looks for a kitchen.

There are a great deal of options if you want to go with more of a pale yellow that is more subtle than a bright yellow. Pale yellow, as opposed to a more bright shade of the color, can soften a room. It has a calming effect, and is gentler than a bold shade. An important thing to consider when painting your kitchen yellow is what colors you will pair with yellow. Choices need to be made with regards to the color of cabinets, countertops, accent pieces, and even your kitchen table and chairs. The first thing to consider is the shade of yellow you have chosen for your kitchen. A pale yellow is best paired with similar light colors- white is a great option, but if you want a splash of color, a pale blue is also a great choice. To avoid color clash, it is best to limit the pale blue to accent pieces, rather than cabinetry. Pale yellow is also very aesthetically pleasing when paired with white. White is a great option for countertop or cabinet colors when you have a pale yellow wall. A light colored wooden table is a beautiful choice when paired with a pale yellow wall, because it parallels the soft look of the wall. Another option is mixing white, black, and silver with a pale yellow wall. Sleek silver appliances, white cabinetry, and black accent pieces beautifully complement a pale yellow wall. A pale yellow kitchen with plenty of natural light coming in is an unbeatable choice for a kitchen, and is guaranteed to be a room to make you look forward to meal times.

A medium tone of yellow represents a move away from the calm pale yellow, but not quite all the way to a bright, intense yellow. This color adds more emotion and passion to a room, yet does not run the risk of being overly intense. A medium shade of yellow is beautiful when paired with bold or deep colors throughout the rest of the room. For example, a kitchen painted a medium yellow paired with a mahogany or dark brown kitchen table and chairs ads up to an extremely visually appealing look. The colors are deeper than the soft look of the pale yellow kitchen, yet are still calm and somewhat soft. Bronze accent pieces also look great with a medium tone of yellow.

A bright yellow is a bold choice for a kitchen, as the color can be very intense. Bright yellow is best when not used in excess- too much bright yellow can look gaudy or tacky. A little bit of bright yellow goes a long way. This shade of yellow, like pale yellow, also looks great when paired with white accent pieces or cabinetry. If you decide to use a bright shade of yellow for your kitchen walls, do not forget to use primer! This is very important, as forgetting to do so can result in having to use much more paint. A bright yellow room is an instant mood boost, and you can’t help but feel a little more happy and positive when you walk into a room painted this color.

Yellow is currently a very popular kitchen paint color for those wishing to work on the interior design of their home. It is one of the happiest and warmest color choices. No matter if you choose a pale, medium or bright shade of yellow paint for your kitchen; you will find yourself with a beautiful and sunny room in which to spend your meal time and family time.

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