Staging the Exterior of Your Home


As a general rule, homeowners spend much more time inside their house than outside. But this does not mean that the interior design is the only important part of staging your home for sale. It is imperative that homeowners remember that the exterior portions of their home will be the very first impression that a new buyer gets of the property. This is one of the primary reasons it is so important to properly stage the exterior of the home. Of course it is mostly about improving the aesthetic appeal of the home; but exterior staging can make the home much more pleasant for a potential buyer. An aesthetically appealing home can work to engage the purchaser. What they will see when the take that first step out of the car will be their mental snapshot of the property. Here are a few things to remember when staging the outdoor portions of the home.

Quick Inspection of Residential Painting

Take a quick look around the house to see what type of shape the paint is in. If it has been awhile since you painted the house or the trim, then to properly stage your home you will want to call a residential painting professional in NJ. A fresh coat of paint can go a long ways towards making the home appear fresh and appealing. When choosing the color for the house painting project, unless there are certain guidelines set forth by a home owners association or neighborhood group, try to paint using neutral colors as it will be appealing to more consumers and make it more likely the house will sell. Don’t forget when doing your residential painting, that the garage and any other outbuildings will need to be painted as well.

Landscaping and Walkways

The walkway up to the house can mean the difference between a no sale and a quick sale. It is important to have the yard nicely groomed and landscaped. Over grown shrubs or bushes should be trimmed and manicured. If you do not have the time to pull every single weed out of flower gardens or landscape areas, simply cover the areas with fresh mulch. It can yield a fresh look and make colored flowers or greenery really stand out. Potted flowers along the walkway or on the porch can add a nice touch and if the porch is large enough, add some outdoor furnishings to help the area feel more comfortable to buyers. Make sure to groom the yard and gardens; and trim any dead limbs off trees or shrubs.  Also remove any dead plants and replace them with fresh, live ones. Rake dead leaves out of the yard and pick up any dead limbs.

The Practical Side

Take a look around the exterior of your NJ house to see if everything is tidy. Clean the gutters so that there are no dead limbs or leaves cluttering it up. Check all the outdoor lighting to ensure that they work properly and replace any bulbs that are not working. Siding or brick trim should be power washed so that they do not look worn and for those who have a wooden deck, include it in the house painting project. Inspect the front doorway and if it is presentable add a stylish new doormat and polish the visible hardware on the door. Pick up all the children’s toys as well as the husband’s toys, so that the backyard does not look cluttered. Bikes, basketballs and lawn mowers can be stored in an outbuilding or garage. If the house numbers are dingy looking, repaint them so that they stand out.

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