Top Interior Design Trends for 2012


Just like we try to keep up with the latest designs in fashion, we should attempt to keep up with what’s trending in interior design. Whether you are getting the home ready for resale, or just want to enjoy it for years to come, it is important to find the right colors for interior painting as well as developing the overall décor of the room. Today’s modern design offers homeowners much freedom of expression. Colors that were once taboo, are now the common trend. Each room has its own interior design elements that will help homeowners choose colors and other design elements that are currently trending.

Modern Bedroom Design

The modern design for bedrooms incorporates the use of clean lines and great detail. It is typical for people to want a bedroom in which they can relax after a hard day’s work. For this reason soft hues will generally be used for interior painting. Cool blues, soft grays and ivory whites are some of the more popular colors used to develop a relaxing bedroom design.

Modern Bathroom Design

There are some very different bathroom designs that are becoming popular. The use of natural materials and clean colors are trending. Many are going with a minimalist design in the bathroom and choosing geometric designs. Geometric wallpaper is commonly used along with natural hues for interior painting. Moroccan style tile and granite countertops are blended with tans, blacks and whites for a sleek overall appearance in this very important room.

Modern Living Room Design

Today’s living room needs just the right balance between comfort and style. Furnishings include a return to big corner sofas and reclining chairs. Many different light sources are used to help provide a bright atmosphere. Many are turning to natural colors for interior painting. Browns or tans are being used with greens and other earth tones which seem to be trending. However, on the other end of the spectrum, some bright colors are being used in modern design. Colors such as tangerine have broken through the color barriers. Many are using colors such as raspberry or purple schemes blended with whites for a crisp, clean look. It really is anything goes in today’s modern design.

Modern Kitchen Design

Even in the world of fast food the kitchen remains the hub of the home. Interior design is leaning toward a combination of modern and vintage. Stainless steel is definitely in whether it is used for appliances or countertops. Open shelving provides color and texture to the room. And colorful backsplashes made of tile are in style. Dark cabinetry provides a stark contrast to stainless steel. For residential painting there are many preferred colors. The trends have moved away from boring whites and many different colors, especially earthy tones are used in today’s kitchen. Olive green is used along with gray or tan; and even the once forbidden blue is now used in today’s modern kitchen. Interior painting has gone more toward organic colors or spicy colors like oranges and mustard yellow.

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