Top Kitchen Colors for 2014


We all love bright and vibrant colors. They excite and inspire us. They make us feel alive and happy and we are naturally drawn to them. House painters in Livingston are mixing things up by adding some splashes of color when it comes to kitchens.

Kitchens have long been a functional space where we go to do the cooking and cleaning. We use them everyday, often for many hours, yet for many years their aesthetic properties were never taken very seriously. In 2014 we will see many people painting their kitchens with the sort of traditional neutral colors that we are all accustomed to seeing but with added bursts of color in new and daring places. In addition to this, many people will be choosing to add light, pastel colors such as blue and green to this traditional palette. The addition of these colors will allow for a greater amount of creativity in kitchen design.

Different walls, different colors

Many people will be choosing to paint one wall a different color from the rest in 2014. With the new tones that have been added to the traditional interpretation of neutral it’s easy to use several different colors and have it come out looking seamless. Many people will also choose to paint a smaller wall or area a slightly more vibrant color, giving the room a flourish or excitement. Splashes of yellow around the tops of cabinets and on lighting fixtures will give a room a light and playful feel.
Hardware to match

Many appliance manufacturers are starting to release models with brightly colored features. These will factor into the overall color schemes of many kitchens in 2014. Ovens with red stainless finishes will combine with red pastels and splashes of crimson around edges to make a bold and modern statement. Other appliances will be more understated with perhaps just the trim around them displaying some purple or green. These colors will also play off of pastel walls beautifully and give a thoughtful and composed look to any kitchen.

A little flair perhaps?

In order to get the bold, edgy designs that many people are looking for, many designers are turning to small splashes of bold colors. Bright reds and orangey-yellows will be very popular in 2014. Recently green has become more and more popular amongst designers reflecting the move toward more environmentally based consciousness. These colors will be used sparingly to give excitement to the room. They might be used around the edges of cabinets or on electrical fixtures.

Gold and silver will also be popular in 2014, especially in the kitchen. Textured metals in general will be quite common. Gold and silver will mainly be used to accent the rooms and give it a touch of elegance.

The dark side

Many people prefer the proud confidence of a darker kitchen, with rich woods. This will continue to be a popular color scheme in 2014 and we will see people using bright bursts of red to break up the darkness of the woods. Also, a pastel or even white ceiling will help to add a sense of lightness to a darker kitchen.

2014 will most likely be about balancing light pastels and bright accents. Many people will find exciting and unprecedented ways to use color in their kitchens. The new soft pastels that will be in vogue in 2014 will open up the use of color in ways that haven’t really been possible in the past. These changes and the addition of more colorful appliances from many manufacturers will make for some pretty exciting and inspiring kitchens.

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