Top Paint Colors for The Foyer


When looking to decorate the entire home, most people generally decorate the major rooms: bath, bed, kitchen, and living rooms. But there is at least one space that tends to be forgotten. Depending on the design of your home, you can have one or more passage ways that can become bold or gentle introductions to your home.

If your home is designed with a passage way between the main and inner door of your home, you have a vestibule or foyer. Vestibules architecturally are larger and have more embellishments while foyers tend to be smaller with minimal to no detailing. Regardless of size, each space can be a warm welcome into your home.

With its traditional high ceilings and ornate architectural embellishments, vestibules allow you a bit more physical space to work with. Maintaining the style of its traditional architectural design, vestibule paint colors in neutrals or classic shades work best.Orange is reemerging as a trend, and paint colors such as peach, tangerine, and vermillion are classic shades that have been in use for centuries. These paint colors give your vestibule an Old World charm while maintaining purely New World character.

A less ornate foyer can appear larger and take on the look of a more embellished vestibule with the right paint color.  The classic orange colors work just as well, but give them a twist.  Flame, pumpkin, and tangelo remain part of the classic orange shade but are much bolder and more modern colors. The warmth of the colors proudly says, “Welcome to my home.”

For those who prefer neutrals, grey is a wonderful paint color choice. Slate, cadet grey and rose quartz allow a large space like a vestibule to appear open and welcoming instead of distant and standoffish.  The tints of color in these shades of grey make the vestibule an elegant transition from outside to inside.

Pure grey, Gainesboro grey, and dove grey are beautiful shades of grey that give a foyer a warm, welcoming feel. These light grey paint colors help the foyer appear larger, and therefore more open. The lighter grey paint colors lend to the open and happy feeling that you want your home to project. Basically, these paint colors help your foyer open its arms wide for a great big hug.

There is nothing that says you cannot flip flop between the paint color choices either. If you have a traditional large vestibule but also love bold bright colors, go for the modern tomato as the focal vestibule wall paint color, and then soften the inner doorway to your home with muted dove grey. Or swap the color choices if the tomato paint color is simply too much color for you. These paint color choices give your home a vibrant open introduction without being too brash and bold.

A smaller foyer can also use the mix and match effect successfully.  Rose quartz wall paint color gives the foyer a timeless, elegant look. Use hearty peach along the inner doorway for a solid, earthy feel. Again, flip flop the paint colors to change the look but not the welcoming impression of the space. These choices allow the foyer to be a subtle invitation to your home.

Larger vestibules or smaller foyers can be bold or gentle introductions to your home. With the right paint color choice, these spaces can be either vibrant or subtle invitations to your home. Whatever the paint color choice for your vestibule or foyer, the space will always symbolically be the bright smile of your home that simply says, “Welcome.”

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