Wallpaper versus Painting


Remodeling a home’s interior is never a small task. Sometimes it can seem like the smallest decisions become the most arduous tasks, like choosing between wallpaper or painting. Neither one is a small or simple task, but each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Wallpaper used to be very difficult to hang and was easily torn but there have been a lot of improvements to the product that makes paper hanging much easier than it used to be. Using wallpaper can be more cost effective since it can last a very long time. Wallpaper comes in a wide variety of patterns which can compliment any décor. Interior painting is not as versatile as wallpaper. A short trip to any Union County home improvement center will reveal a plethora of designs, colors and patterns which are available. Wallpaper also has the advantage of adding value to the home.

Interior painting has been the most popular option because of how easy it is to apply. There’s no wrestling with rolls of paper trying to get it to stick to the wall; just roll it on and it’s done. While there are not as many patterns to choose from there are plenty of colors that can be mixed and matched. This does not mean there is no versatility in using paints. Besides colors and shades, there are different finishes that can help provide a very different feel in each room. The best place to get an idea of the broad spectrum of colors that are available is to talk to a Northern NJ interior painting expert and see some samples. They will have a lot more options than a home improvement store.

If you choose to do interior painting the main disadvantages that will be found will be in its application. It may take two coats to cover the surface effectively. If it is an oil based paint, then it may take it a long time to dry. However, a painted surface is much easier to clean and cover up any damage with a matching paint color.

The disadvantage to using wallpaper is that if it is older it can be very difficult to find a matching pattern if it needs repair. It is also much more expensive to replace and humidity can cause problems with its stickiness.

These are some of the most common advantages and disadvantages. Check with an NJ home remodeling contractor or home improvement specialist to explore further options.

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