What Are Girl Colors?


Girl ColorsGirls are mysterious and unpredictable. Girls are exciting and lively. Girls occupy more than half the world, and they sure know how to do it well! When you’re a parent of a girl, your life is filled with passion, riddle, warmth, and adventure. Their precocious natures and unmatched whimsy make being the parent of a little girl a thing of energy, affection, and drama, for sure. And that’s why choosing the colors for a girl’s bedroom painting project are so important. Your daughter’s spirit and style are her own to express, but the colors that girls choose continue to be a classic assembly that seems to be handed down through the ages. Today, the biggest colors girls are choosing for their bedrooms are the shades and tints of pink that remind them of their princess fantasies, the yellows and golds of their love for sun and nature, and the sparkly purples they see in their imaginative dreams.

Shades of pink and purple

Big this season are the two colors that seem to be synonymous with being a girl … pink and purple. Admit it or not, most girls love all manner of shades and tints of pink and purple. Their inspiration often comes from the princesses they love and dream about becoming some day. No other colors seem to have the power to make girls feel special better than the variations of purple and pink available in paint stores these days. Whether you’re redoing her entire bedroom with all new curtains, bed linens, and assorted accessories, or you’re just making a few adjustments here and there as updates, pinks and purples are perfect this year for just about any girl’s bedroom painting project. A method that can help her to decide her main color as well as her accent colors is to employ a color wheel. On a color wheel, complementary colors are opposite each other. Additionally, you can plan a trip to a home improvement store with her where the two of you can pore over paint color swabs and match up her faves. If you need help choosing the best color combo for her room, contact a residential painter in Millburn for assistance. These pros are experts at combining colors in just the right style and pattern.

Shades of gold and yellow

Golds and yellows are huge this year in the paint world, especially for painting girls’ bedrooms. Few colors can invoke a girl’s sunny outlook better than a bedroom that has yellow or gold incorporated into its color scheme. Yellow is the perfect embodiment of the sun’s glitter and brilliance. So, too, can it illuminate the brilliance and optimism of the girl in your life when it’s used in combination with just about any other color in her bedroom. And what little girl doesn’t love gold?! Gold’s shimmering glow remains one of the favorite colors of girls and women alike, especially for its resplendent luster. Gold can be found in a big way in nature, and that’s only one reason she loves it. From flowery beauty to bright skies to golden wheat fields, girls love the outdoors just as much as boys, especially when it means dancing through meadows and gathering with friends. So what’s the other reason girls love gold? Shopping! Seriously, what girl doesn’t love meeting at the mall with friends or spending an afternoon shopping with Mom, especially at Christmastime when the metallics of glowing ornaments are displayed everywhere. Again, for help in choosing the right complementary colors for gold or yellow, check out a color wheel, home improvement stores, or contact an interior painter in Millburn for assistance.

Girls are a splendid combination of fun, intelligence, fantasy, and style. One moment complicated and puzzling, the next down-to-earth and giggly, a girl is about as easy to figure out as the meaning of life itself. But when it comes to her bedroom, your daughter knows what she wants. The question is how to convert what’s in her head and her dreams into a bedroom she’ll love. If you’re not sure how to go about choosing the right colors for a girl’s bedroom, contact a residential painter whose knowledge and expertise can give your daughter the bedroom of her dreams!


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